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One of the things we'd like to do is to get people to participate in this site. If you have any information to send (with links, preferably) that we may include in a future update, please send them to If you are sending sensitive material, this email is encrypted and your IP address cannot be tracked.


Please be sure to put the words TRUTH UPDATE in the subject line so that I can separate them from regular emails.


Please do not send updates via Facebook. There's a pretty good chance I could miss them if I do not look at comments.



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General Strike and Consumer Boycott

Information on Direct Citizen Action


General Information Site

Visit our general information site to learn what we are all about, our philosophy, where we are going, and why you should join with us!

Visit our General Strike website. Here we will be promoting various direct citizen actions, such as the Labor Day General Strike and Consumer Boycott. 

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Revolutionary Radar

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Please visit our blog, Revolutionary Radar. We believe the written word is as important as the spoken word, and are committed to building up the blog over the next year. 


We are not only looking for followers, but also contributors.  If you are interested in being either an occasional or a regular contributor, please write me at:


If you take the time to trip through the blog, you will see an interesting progression to awakening. You will see that even I began as an avowed Democrat, blind to things that are now so obvious to me. That is no longer where I reside politically.  We are looking for like-minded leftists/progressives. We will be happy to publish as a secondary outlet. 

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