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#BecomeUngovernable   TRUTH


Who Are We?

We Are Just American Citizens


We are just everyday American citizens who believe in the truth, and know that we cannot change our future unless we come to grips with our past.


We believe that our children should not be taught revisionist or sanitized American history. Our schools should be dedicated to teaching the truth.




​What Do We Stand for?

The Truth at All Levels of Education 

Educating for Critical Thinking

Our children and their children's children must be educated for 'critical thinking' not for passing standardized tests that measure nothing except a politician's ability to assuage his or her critics.


School curriculum must be developed and written by those who teach it, not by corporate-driven 'foundations' who do not serve the public interest. 


Educators must be encouraged to use the many resources at their disposal, such as the Zinn Education Project.

Transparency at All Levels of Government


Total Transparency

is paramount

No more back-door deals, secret negotiations, and unbridled power to create legislation on behalf of we the people.  The American people have ceded far too much power to those who are supposed represent us.


At the very least, we should expect our legislators to read the laws they are casting their vote for or against. I bet you'd be hard-pressed to find any consistent performance in this area. Legislators should expect to have to defend their positions to the people and nobody else.


How about something bold? Legislators should be reviewed by a citizen panel in their states; the entire body of legislators should be reviewed by a rotating citizen panel.




Get The Money Out

The fact is that there can be no reform in

any area of government until corporate,

Wall Street and billionaire money are

removed from every facet of


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General Information Site

General Strike and Consumer Boycott

Information on Direct Citizen Action

Visit our general information site to learn what we are all about, our philosophy, where we are going, and why you should join with us!



Visit our General Strike website. Here we will be promoting various direct citizen actions, such as the Labor Day General Strike and Consumer Boycott. 

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